Bit Coin Splits – When to Do It

For those of you who are new to the concept of “bit coin” or “bartering coins”, allow me to introduce you to a new term: mini-bit. Mini-bit is just what it sounds like. It’s the fraction of one whole bit that you trade. Each time you divide a large whole bit, you get a smaller … Read more

How Might I Buy Or Sell Bit coins?

  It has come to my attention that one question I have been asking myself is “How Might I buy or sell bitcoins?” For quite some time I have been debating this very same issue. Since I really started learning about the virtual currency system, I have concluded that bitcoins are the only way to … Read more

What Is Bitcoin Advertising?

The advertising techniques used in promoting a business are numerous, but one stands out to many. This is marketing by way of the Internet. It’s an extremely popular means of reaching the masses due to the low costs involved. You can reach a much greater audience without breaking the bank. Because of this, it is … Read more