scholarship for foreigners to study at the University of Arizona

In the United States, Arizona State University launched a grant to support international students looking to pursue a career on campus. 


The 268-hectare university campus is located in the city of Tempe, in Maricopa County. It highlights the education offered in careers such as Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Business, Social Sciences, and Visual Arts.

It is necessary to demonstrate an average higher than 3.00 in GPA of high school education, certificate of studies, and fill out the application on the official website.

New American University Scholar is available to international newcomers and transfer students from other institutions, and it is not necessary to demonstrate financial need. 

The amount of financial support offered by the University of Arizona StaStatenges from 3 thousand (65.778 MXN) to 8,000 US dollars (175 thousand 408 MXN). It is renewable for up to eight consecutive semesters for first-year students. 

How much does it cost to study at Arizona State University?  

The cost of university tuition for international students for the 2020-2021 school year is 31,200 dollars, equivalent to approximately 684 thousand 92 Mexican pesos.

Accommodation, student fees, medical insurance, and other fees increase students’ price up to 36 thousand 553 dollars, which is equivalent to 801 thousand 462 pesos. 

Requirements for the scholarship at the University

  • Not be a resident of the state of Arizona.
  • Be eligible for the F-1 visa.
  • Not being sponsored.
  • Submit the results of GPA tests and other high-level exams. 

Those interested in the scholarship must submit their application to Arizona State University before April 1, 2021.

Beloit College offers scholarships for foreigners to study in the US.

The Beloit College launched a scholarship for international students to attend college on Wisconsin’s campus in the United States

This institution has different types of scholarships to support students to pay for their studies, up to $ 37,000 per year, with the possibility of renewing during the four years of the degree. 

The 19-hectare university campus is located in the city of Beloit, in Rock County. It offers the careers of Business, Marketing, Literature, Psychology, Social Sciences, among others. 

 It is necessary to send the transcripts of the baccalaureate grades and fill out the application on the site

International students can apply to study at Beloit College in August or January. In addition to learning, students can apply for internships or work with the F-1 or J-1 visa permits.

Jobs on campus also help students pay for their studies even if they haven’t won a scholarship. 

How much does it cost to study at Beloit College of Wisconsin?  

The cost of university tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is $ 52,858, equivalent to approximately one million 169 thousand 578 Mexican pesos.

With accommodation, food plans, student fees, and other fees, students’ price increases to up to 63 thousand 36 dollars, which is equivalent to one million 394 thousand 785 pesos. 

Also, international students must purchase a health insurance plan at the institution.

Scholarships offered by Beloit College

Full Tuition Scholarship: Covers the cost of tuition but not accommodation, food, and other fees. It is necessary to show that you can contribute 14 thousand dollars (309,776 MXN) annually. 

Merit Scholarship: grants up to $ 32,000 (708,057 MXN) per year.

Combined scholarships: by mixing merit support with other benefits, you can get up to $ 37,000 (818,691 MXN) per year.